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x00_endings_00x's Journal

Movie Endings, And A Whole Lot More
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This community is used for a lot of things.
1. Did you have to turn off a good movie right in the middle of it? Did you miss the ending and are dying to know what happened? Request the ending on here, and someone will get you the ending, guarenteed.
2. Did you have to miss one of your most favorite shows, and you're dying to know what happened? Request a brief (or not so brief) overview of the show, and someone will tell you what happened, guarenteed.
3. Open discussion of movies and television shows, and pretty much anything.

1. When requesting the ending of a movie, be sure to state where you stopped watching, what movie, and the year (if made more than once)
2. When requesting the television show overview, be sure to state what show, what episode, and when it was shown.

1. If the movie is old, say, made before the eighties, and it is unlikely that anyone has seen it, recently or ever, then the request may not be fulfilled. Most movies will have previously been on VHS or DVD, but if not, the request for the ending may not be fulfilled (i.e. a network premier, lifestyles movie)
2. If the show is only a local show, the request may not be fulfilled.
3. The show must only be current season, unless the season has recently completed. You may not ask for shows of a season that is more than two weeks in the past, except under special circumstances.
4. If your discussion involves spoilers, especially for a newly released movie or a worldwide show that is played on different days, then the discussion must be behind an LJ-CUT. for instructions on LJ-CUTs, please leave a comment in my personal journal.
5. Many requests will not be answered until we have more members. Please spread it around!

Okay, that is all the rules and stuff. Now please, spread the word about this community! And i need more interests to catch viewer's attention. Give me any ideas.